April 2019

What The Resurrection Shows

On Easter Sunday, we took a three part look into some of the final moments of the life of Jesus culminating with the resurrection. This portion of the message focuses on the resurrection!

Grace – The Key To Forgiving Others

December 2018

A Year End Reminder

In the final lesson of 2018, we are reminded of our mission to care, share, prepare, and declare and also introduced to our 2019 theme of Rhythm: Experiencing God In Everyday Life!

To All People

Today’s message continues a look at Luke 2 and the angelic announcement of the birth of Jesus. Today,we focus on why the birth was good news of great joy TO ALL PEOPLE!

Good News of Great Joy

Luke 2 tells of the marvelous birth of Jesus. As we begin a three part series today, we focus on the first part of the announcement of the birth. I bring you “good news of great joy!”