Monthly Report of the Congregation in Chia, Columbia.
We make a fasting along with prayer with several members of the congregation  with the purpose that God open the hearts of those brothers who are in a weak condition spiritually speaking and also for those who are been taught so they can take the step and obey the gospel. So on November the 1. (Sunday) we had the fasting from 6:00 AM through 2:00 PM, we had a Sunday service with several prayers and at the end of the meeting those who were fasting stayed to keep singing and praying until 2:00 PM, then we left to our homes.
We had the 5th Seminar for Couples during this month.
The topic for this seminar was “Handling Right the Conflicts on Marriage”. I was the speaker. We had good questions and comments which means there is a good interest in the subject. We 5 marriages attended, there were 3 marriages that for different reasons couldn’t make it.
chia couples
Physical location of Chia

Physical location of Chia