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November 2018

Praising God In The Storm

Praising God, or calling attention to His glory, during the middle of a storm seems to be unnatural. Today, we focus on how and why we should praise Him even during the storms of life.

October 2018

Trusting God In The Storm

Due to technical difficulties, this sermon can only be viewed by video. Please click the monitor icon just left of the date. Today’s message is about trusting God during the storms of life. Taking a look through the scriptures to learn what the Word says about trusting God and then making applications for our lives is the focal point of this message. 

Crying Out To God In The Storm

The first step in receiving help during the storms of life is simply crying out to God. Today’s message deals with the need to cry out.

The Purpose of The Harbor

A harbor is a safe place where boats can find rest, safety, security, peace, and replenishment. We need this in our daily lives as well. This series of lessons focuses on the harbor that God offers each of us. A place to truly find safety! 

The River: Understanding Baptism