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December 2018

A Year End Reminder

In the final lesson of 2018, we are reminded of our mission to care, share, prepare, and declare and also introduced to our 2019 theme of Rhythm: Experiencing God In Everyday Life!

To All People

Today’s message continues a look at Luke 2 and the angelic announcement of the birth of Jesus. Today,we focus on why the birth was good news of great joy TO ALL PEOPLE!

Good News of Great Joy

Luke 2 tells of the marvelous birth of Jesus. As we begin a three part series today, we focus on the first part of the announcement of the birth. I bring you “good news of great joy!”

November 2018

I Wonder If Mary Knew

Taken from a popular song of the season, we speculate and wonder as to what Mary knew about her baby boy.

When The Storm Never Seems To End

In this final lesson on “The Harbor,” we examine what to do when the storms of life seem to never end.