March 2019

Serve One Another In Love

Today, we had 3 of our men share their experiences from recent mission trips. This short message was a wrap up on serving one anther in love.

Finding Rhythm By Loving One Another

As we seek to find rhythm in  our spiritual life, we look to see how loving one another can help us in this journey.

February 2019

Jesus on Enemies and Persecution

Today’s message looks at the words of Jesus on persecution and our enemies. Handling persecution incorrectly and not loving our enemies both have the potential to disrupt our keeping in step with the Spirit.

Jesus On Anger

Today, we look at the words of Jesus on anger taught in the sermon on the Mount and learn how to not let anger disrupt our rhythm. 

Jesus On Worry

As we continue finding rhythm in the difficult teachings of Jesus, today we look at what He said about worry.